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Accor hotel group layout lifestyle brand development of new customers

Date: 2019-05-08

Accor hotel group's way of life of business establishment has been more than two years ago.In April this year, with the accor's hostel brand Jo&Joe flagship store opening, accor lifestyle brand layout is perfect.

"We realized that the past service and customer expectation, therefore, accor department established lifestyle," lifestyle accor hotel group, senior vice President, director Cedric Gobilliard said."Reality, we realized that must redefine the new hotel experience."

Accor's lifestyle brands include: Jo&Joe, Mama Shelter, Rafes, Tribe, 25 hours Hotels, Thalassa Sea&Spa, SBE, and SBE brands Delano, Hyde, House of Originals, Mondrian and SLS Hotels.

Gobilliard thinks, although not all of the above brand is luxury hotel, but and the famous French Trigano family created Mama Shelter hotel with similar genes.Trigano family is Club Med (Club Med) holiday, founder of the brand.

Was in charge of the United States in the (Mercure) Gobilliard brand development in France, said accor department to build their own lifestyle, is in order to attract new customers.

"Is not our customers, but we need to develop a variety of different customers," he added."Looking for experience of passengers increased generally, therefore, we need a new brand.But the ibis and novotel hotel is still very important, such as they bring profits for group."

Lifestyle sector also includes accor brand independent restaurants, about 2500.


Accor, President and chief executive of Sebastien Bazin said accor lifestyle brand development also reflected the company's change in recent years.According to the idea of Bazin, Jo&Joe will expand to 80 hotels in the future.Like "accor hotel group with very strong ship or oil tankers, tiny change very difficult course, but Jo&Joe like a sail boat, is one of our many sailing" Bazin said.

Although Jo&Joe development has strong flexibility, but still need some management."My job is to protect the brand, separate them with traditional department business, although these lifestyle brand is part of the accor loyalty system."Gobilliard said."Lifestyle brand has a unique customer group, and other brand of accor do not overlap, each brand has its own customers."

Gobilliard said, restaurants, entertainment products and services occupy lifestyle sector revenue of about 50%.

With the method of localization is accor brand and hotel is an important concept."If the local people feel very fashionable, so guests will come," said Gobilliard."We are investing entertainment services, if you really have the local characteristics of entertainment to bring new experiences."

Continued to expand

Gobilliard said, Mama Shelter hotel will be in London shortly, lille of France, and the opening of a hotel in San Diego.Mama Shelter hotel is a small team, the choice is very exquisite.Gobilliard says Jo&Joe brand in the next three years will achieve the layout of the 10 hotels, Jo&Joe requirement is the city center or the site selection of transport hub."I think the traffic is very important," Gobilliard referring to Jo&Joe said."There are plenty of people need to guarantee the hotel space."